Amazon Reviews

A wealth of knowledge can’t wait for book 2 from Granny Miller.”
– Linda G.

I am such a fan of Mrs. Grossman and this book did not disappoint. A collection of articles from her now archived blog she kept. So her book and Instagram feed suffices so much lovely and helpful wisdom! Keeping in my library and waiting for the rest of the collection!”
– Jaxson

My keepsake now that Granny Miller has stopped blogging.

– Roberta M.

I was gifted the Kindle edition on Friday and I spent a good portion of the weekend reading this volume! I had intended to just take a quick peek at the subjects included and keep it as a reference. But it is so engaging and very readable, before I knew it, I was reading every page. Now this is not new information to me. I have been homesteading for over 20 years and I followed the Granny Miller Blogs. Ms. Grossman has so much to share with us all, and it’s all valuable. Garden Farming starts off with the vegetable garden,, planning, preparing, and growing. Everything is leading to the next step but alternatives are also provided. It’s just like sitting with your granny, the one who did all this, back in the day. After discussing gardening, growing, preserving and cooking, I was very excited to get to the animal care section. I have long wanted to pick Ms. Grossman’s brain about her sheep raising ideas. I have a small flock and love to talk to other shepherds. I was not disappointed! The entries in this section will give you confidence to start a small fiber flock, if that is your passion. Meat animals are covered too. Pigs, chickens, and small cattle (Dexters) are discussed. I read that there was an earlier volume so I purchased that today. I recommend both of these books for two reasons. 1. It’s great to learn from others doing what you want to do. and 2. the way these books are laid out makes them excellent resources for the future. The table of contents entries take you right to the section you need. I gave the book 5 stars because it is packed with good information presented in a readable and enjoyable style and format.”
– Janet Garman

I am enjoying this book and I hope that Mrs. Grossman continues to write more of them. I find them very interesting.
– M.Westphall

This is an excellent book full of great information. If you are an experienced homesteader or want to start, you will find lots of helpful info in this book. I enjoy that it covers multiple aspects of homesteading. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in this lifestyle. Even if you are only interested in one aspect of what the book encompasses, it is well worth the read for that information alone.
– Walter W. Duke

I spent several days reading Garden Farming. It’s the kind of book that’s so jammed with information that you just know you’ll be referencing it often as homesteading issues come up. If you’ve never had a garden or raised animals then this book is right for you because it explains everything you need to know to get started. If you already have a garden or homestead this book is still for you because it also dives deeper into more advanced topics like fruit tree grafting and treating animal health problems. I’m an avid gardener but canning is something I only venture into once in awhile, but this book makes it so much easier to understand what and how the canning process works, that I can’t wait to give it another try this year and feel really confident that these instructions will guarantee my success!

Garden Farming is written in an easy to understand style with lots of pictures to illustrate the directions. There is so much information on gardening, preserving your harvest and animal care that if you only get 1 book homesteading, it should be this book! I also love the chapter on old time wisdom at the end. It’s fun to read the old wives tales of the past and see how many of them really do make sense! I will definitely be referencing this book again and again during my homestead journey.”
– Lisa Murano