My name is Katherine Grossman.
I’m the author and creator of the popular – but now retired – small farm and homesteading agrarian blog and website, GRANNY MILLER.

Katherine Grossman

Yours Truly

In 2016 I began the publication of the best of almost 10 years of GRANNY MILLER as a 2-part book series.
The books are being published in two formats. The first as an Amazon Kindle with color images from life. The second in a soft cover format with budget friendly and affordable black & white images.

My Books

The first volume, A MIND TO HOMESTEAD, was released in April 2016. Read a few excerpts here.
The second volume, GARDENING FARMING was released in March 2018. Read excerpts here.
Both are available from Amazon.

If you were a fan of GRANNY MILLER in the past but didn’t get a chance to save your favorite posts and articles, this series is for you.Here’s what readers have to say:

  • “A wealth of knowledge can’t wait for book 2 from Granny Miller!”
  • “My keepsake now that Granny Miller has stopped blogging.”
  • “My favorite blog in book form! I really enjoyed the read and can’t wait for the next.”
  • This book was wonderful. Not only was it one of the most informative books on homesteading that I’ve read in a long time, but it was also loaded with humor and personality. Both my 15-year-old daughter and I read the book, and upon finishing, she said, “I wish Granny Miller was our neighbor. I would love to learn to sew from her.”
  • ” Her knowledge is both deep and wide, and it’s all told with both clarity and charity. I love the life she describes, and am glad she is showing the rest of us how to live it.”
  • “A must have for any homestead!”
  • “I love the way the author embraces who she is and the lifestyle she has chosen. The willingness to help those coming after her and the preservation of the simple ways. Today, so many people make homesteading seem romantic and some make it seem complicated. Katherine Grossman shines the light of the reality of the pleasure and hard work of the homesteading life.”